Should you upload your CV to the Job Boards?

CV on job boards

If you are working and job hunting, you may not like to idea of putting your CV on the job boards for fear of your current employer discovering that you are looking for a new job. There are 2 separate areas to the job boards, both are charged independently. Employers might be aware of the job boards and advertise vacancies on them, but it is rare for them to pay for access to the database.

If you are out of work and need a job, your number one priority is now looking for work. Post where you can, network, work with agencies. Do whatever it takes. Your career search is now a ticking clock. The longer you are out of work, the harder it will be for you to find something.

Agencies like 100% IT Recruitment spend a massive amount of time searching the job board candidate databases for good quality people.  Over 50% of the candidates we placed in the last 12 months were sourced on the job boards.

Your CV and LinkedIn profile should be updated and mirror each other. They should reflect the direction you wish your career to take.  A CV posted on a job board cannot be tailored to an individual job in the way it can if you are responding to an advert.

TIP:  Stay active on the job board, to keep appearing in new searches.

Recruitment agencies can come to you with positions you might not have even been aware of.  Not all positions get advertised and good recruiters are very good at matching your skills to a job that perhaps has a different title, but it would be perfect for you.

How many job boards should I post to?

Be selective and post your CV on one or two job boards. Change them if it’s not generating after a week or so, try to avoid over posting your CV. You want to be the gem to be found rather than the guy that everyone knows about.

How to get a good match

Fill in all the details to ensure you are filtered correctly. Make sure your salary requirements included on there to avoid the number 1 mismatch. Ensure you have selected contract or permanent. The sort of job you are looking for.  State the method of contact, be precise, call between 12-1 rather than during lunch. Make sure you ARE contactable during the stated time.

Finally, make sure you take your CV down when you’ve found a new job.


As well as using the job boards, why not upload your details onto the 100% IT Recruitment ‘s database of candidates to increase your chance of finding the job of your dreams? 

Are you a candidate using the job boards? What has your experience been? Please comment below.


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