How useful are the job boards in my search for an IT job?

Which job boards are good? Are the jobs on job boards real? Should I post my CV on a job board? These are some of the questions we regularly get asked.

Job boards are a very important part of finding a new position, but there are hundreds of job boards out there, so how can a candidate get the most out of them?

We will answer some of the questions we get asked over the next few weeks, so if you have a concern or query regarding job boards, let us know and we will do our best to cover it. Let’s start with ‘Are the jobs real?’

Are the Jobs on the Job Boards Real?

Most of the jobs posted on the job boards are real.  There are agencies that will post false positions, but it is not the norm. This is something we have discussed at length with other Agency Directors too as there seems to be a very real concern from candidates.

If there are agencies posting false jobs what does this mean to you?   The reason they would do this is to boost their database and to get the best candidates they can then to present to their target customers.  So worst case is that you’ll never hear back, best case is that they find you a position – just not the one you were applying for.

Which Job Boards should I use?

With so many job boards to choose from. it can be a little confusing to know which one to use.

Generic job boards such as Reed, CV Library and Monster are very good for IT – it tends to be their top industry.  Another option is to go down the route of a specialist or regional boards.

The specialist job boards (CW Jobs, Jobserve, The IT Job board, to name a few) offer a more detailed industry / job break-down, because of this they appeal to industry professionals.

As a dedicated IT agency, we have used pretty much all the specialist job boards at one time or another and in all honesty, we have equal success with the generic and specialist sites. Whilst we could be seen to be sitting on the other side of the “job board” fence from the job seeker, we are very much on the same side as we are all about getting people jobs.

Next week we will address another common question Should I upload my CV onto the Job Boards?

The opinions in this blog are only those of the management and consultants at 100% IT Recruitment. This blog is only intended to give you the benefit of our experience regarding job boards because we get asked about them frequently and because we use them every day.

We hope this topic and series of blogs will be useful to you and are very happy to discuss this further. Call us on 0844 879 4523.

Happy job hunting!


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