You may think that IT Recruitment in December is a no go, it can be regarded as a quiet time in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. However, the last month of the year presents a great opportunity for businesses to recruit top talent to hit the ground running in the New Year. Here are our top reasons why you should fill recruitment gaps in December

Making the most of a quiet time

A lot of time and resources are spent on a new recruit. Existing employee involvement during the hiring process can be more difficult after workloads begin to mount and new projects are taken on after New Year. Rather than stretching your diaries to accommodate your new hires, use this quiet month to put together a considered approach to welcoming and training a new member of staff.

End of Year Reflections

Many of us at some stage have reflected on where we are in our professional roles and how we could improve our prospects. December is a prime time for this sort of self-analysis as another year passes us by. Feelings of change and renewal will inevitably result in job board hits and visits to recruitment sites. Savvy employers will pick up on this behaviour and market to candidates before January.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

Finding alternative business windows can always work in your favour. By focusing your efforts in December, you are likely to have the pick of the crop who are eager to start a new year with a fresh role. This set of candidates are likely to be more responsive to phone calls from recruiters and are more likely to be in possession of a mobile phone whilst out and about.

Increased Visibility

 Job boards often slow down during December as many projects at the end of the year are essentially suspended due to vacations and budget restrictions. Employers who advertise vacancies during this time will be much more visible to candidates.

Accessible Candidates

End of year downtime creates a great opportunity to connect with candidates more easily. During the December break, candidates will be active online as they contact friends and family on social media, browse through their email on a regular basis and click around the web in their free time. Many professionals update their business profile skills and experience based on their activities over the closing year. Interview arrangements can be set up more efficiently away from the restrictions of work.

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