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IT candidatesAt 100% IT Recruitment, we understand that candidates are our life blood and we strive to ensure that they are given the best possible experience when looking for a new IT job.

It’s important to us that they are treated as we would like to be treated ourselves.   So this report, complied by one of the leading job boards in the UK makes for fascinating reading.  I hope you find it equally as useful and insightful.

Feedback for recruitment process based on 70,000 candidates: 
100% IT recruitment in conjunction with Jobsite 2016

Candidates highlighted three major pain points during the recruitment process:

Lengthy Applications Forms – 37% of candidates. Keep it short and sweet – lengthy application forms/process is a major barrier to conversation. Could some questions be saved for a face to face interview instead? The most in demand candidates are likely to simply go elsewhere.

Lack of structured feedback:

  • 49% nearly half the 70,000 candidates surveyed revealed that they are rarely or never received any feedback following a job application which puts a negative feel regarding that organisation
  • 46% said this was the MOST frustrating part of find a job – lack of feedback
  • 54% revealed that they would wait between 1-7 days to hear back following an application before moving on. Sadly 34% said they would wait up to 2-3 weeks!

Poor vacancy quality – salary details

  • Candidates in the IT Sector are particularly frustrated by lack of information about a role: 36% said this would stop them applying
  • Jobsite analysed the performance of roles with and without salaries. On average applications per vacancy are 69% higher for roles that state a salary.
  • Candidates are using salary as an important reference point, helping them to determine which roles are suitable for them. Providing a salary within a job spec can save both the applicant and client valuable time.

Candidates enjoy searching!

On a positive 40% of job seekers stated that they actually enjoy searching for jobs! They are looking for new positions more frequently that their employer realised. 41% of permanently employed candidates revealed that they searched for jobs daily. 64% said that they are looking but more passively (keeping an eye on the market).

The unemployed vs the employed candidate – 100% IT Recruitment in conjunction with  Jobsite 2016

Results show that in ONE WEEK:  58% of permanently employed candidates applied for 1 or more jobs, 90% of unemployed candidates applied for 1 or more jobs

Candidates who are unemployed for applying for twice as many jobs as those permanently employed. Given that earlier in this report over 1/3 of candidates wait 2-3 weeks before giving up hope on a job application, it’s clear that providing feedback quickly to those who are not going to be shortlisted is a crucial way to keep permanently employed applicants engaged and applying for new roles.

Job searching peaks and dips – 100% IT Recruitment in conjunction with jobsite 2016

         Searching                  Vs.                    Applying
    31%               33%                            25%                  34%
 Morning       Evening                     Morning          Evening

Website data shows that most applications are made in the daytime. We see that applying tends to peak at around 11am on weekdays, with a notable drop off in applications during the evening.

The truth about devices

  IT                    Engineering           Finance
 64%                 45%                         47%        Laptops & PC 

 50%                  48%                        49%        Mobile


IT job searchLaptops are being used more to search and apply for jobs. Perhaps more surprising, though, is that engineering and finance candidates are using their smartphones more than any other device to look for jobs. A fully responsive site is a key factor in ensuring that job seekers are able to browse and apply on the move – works the same with Recruiters having access to their Databases and candidates through smart phones too.

In summary 

  • 37% find filling in application forms the least appealing part of job seeking
  • Nearly half (49%) state they are rarely or never receive feedback following put their CV forward
  • 34% of candidates are waiting 2-3 weeks to hear back following an application before giving up on that role. Timely feedback is key to keep these seeking jobs in the market applying for new jobs.
  • 30% state that lack of information stops them applying for a job. They find unclear salaries and unclear locations highly frustrating
  • 64% of respondents are passively searching for jobs
  • A minority are very disillusioned; 25% claim not to enjoy any part of searching of applying for jobs.
  • Laptops and smartphones are predominately being used to search and apply for jobs. Job seekers more likely to use a laptop (64%) compared to engineering (45%) or Finance (47%) candidates.

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