In these very strange times that we’re living through at the moment, companies are turning to the video interview as their primary recruiting method.

We have found that a lot of companies continue to hire and we are being asked the same questions from many candidates, so here is a brief guide to the video interview.

  1. Are you set up technically? Make sure your Skype details are up to date and you know your username etc.   If Web-ex or Zoom, have you received the link and password in advance?
  2. Profile Picture If your platform has a profile picture, such a Skype, now might be the time to revisit it.   Is it professional?  If not, perhaps replace with an image of you looking suited and sharp.
  3. Environment   You will need to find somewhere to shut yourself away from noisy children, barking dogs and all other disturbances.
  4. What does your background look like? Is it busy and muddled?  It needs to reflect you in your best light; clear from clutter and tidy.  Make sure there’s nothing distracting in your background.  If you are unsure, get a second opinion – your consultant at 100% will be very happy to have an initial video call with you and let you know our first impressions.
  5. Turn your phone off – even on silent, it can be distracting if it vibrates, or you can see it ringing. You do not want anything to distract your focus.
  6. Business Attire – You are on a formal interview and you should treat this as you would a regular face to face interview. Make sure you are well groomed. Wear business attire; smart shirt and for the men, ideally a tie but not necessarily a jacket.   We get asked if a tie is necessary and the truth is, it may not be.  But nobody ever got penalized for wearing a tie, but you might for not so why take the chance?
  7. Be prepared – As with all interviews, it is essential that you are well prepared. Have a pen and paper to hand and make sure you’ve re-read your CV.    You should also be very familiar with the job description and the company, make time in advance to visit their website.   For more details on this, please see Interview Tips and Advice

Lack of preparation is the number one reason people are unsuccessful in interviews.

After your video interview, please contact your consultant at 100% as we’ll be dying to know how you got on!

Good luck and please call us if there is anything we can help with: 0844 8794523.

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