With everything that’s happened in the last 12 months, remote home working has become the norm for many IT professionals. And what have we learnt from this?  Well, for one thing, most of us really quite like it!                             

More and more employers are now considering the switch to a permanent remote way of working which is freeing them of the geographical restraints in their recruiting search.  Not to mention savings on office space, travel expenses and lost time from train delays, traffic jams etc.

But as an employee, is this a positive or a negative?

A lot depends on your preferences of course but nobody can deny it’s very nice having an extra hour in bed rather than an hour on the train.   But do we miss the human interaction?  The Friday evening drinks after work?  The time out of the house and for us parents, to get some adult time.

Home schooling for some has added a whole new set of pressures and challenges and I know from my own experiences as well as many candidates and clients I speak to, the 8h March can’t come soon enough!

In a lot of cases, remote working has brought a real human element to our work.  It’s not uncommon for a family member to walk in when you’re in the middle of a Teams call.  And hasn’t Luke got an interesting collection of books on his shelf, or I didn’t know Paul played Guitar?   A glimpse into our colleagues, clients, candidates, homes, and lives that you’d otherwise no nothing about.

I wonder how people are coping who don’t have the luxury of a home office or spare room to work from?  Especially if you have children that aren’t currently at school?

These are challenging times for us all and remote working can be a blessing or a curse.

We’d love to know how you’re finding working from home or if you’re recruiting, will you be shifting to a more permanent remote working model?

If you’re looking for a remote position, have a look at our current vacancies.  75% of them are remote!


Stay safe and of course……….. stay at home!

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