I’m sure you’ve organised the Christmas party for your IT Engineers– they deserve a celebration. Getting everyone together at Christmas does wonders for staff morale and works as a team builder. However, there are lots of other ways to celebrate Christmas with your staff and enjoy a happy December.


Decorating the office can get a team working together and really pick up the atmosphere and get everyone feeling excited about the holidays!

Take part in Christmas Jumper day

Join in the Christmas fun by getting your team of IT Engineers to wear their Christmas jumpers on Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day which takes place on the 14th December

You could even make it a little more interesting and hold a competition – best (or worst) dressed wins!

Host an award ceremony

People love to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work and effort, so why not host an Award Ceremony to recognise your IT Engineers for their individual personalities and achievements?

I was involved in such a ceremony a few years ago and it was fun and everyone got involved. Some awards were cheeky, some rewarded someone who had gone the extra mile, but the evening has a lovely feel to it and made everyone feel loved and appreciated. My award was for ‘Best Set Design’ for my position as Events Manager. This ceremony was held at our Christmas dinner, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, you could do it at the office.

Secret Santa

A popular Christmas tradition, Secret Santa is a great way to bring your employees, together.  Just decide on a price range, decide if there is a them and then pick a day for the gifts to be handed out. Let the secret fun begin!

Start the holidays early

Allowing staff to leave early to start their Christmas Holiday is always appreciated and a great reward scheme. It works particularly well in focusing staff to finish tasks or achieve targets.

A Christmas card

A personalised and genuine card expressing gratitude and thanks can go an awfully long way.  This is especially true for larger businesses where employees can feel overlooked or completely unknown to the Senior team.  Our Director at 100% IT Recruitment always sends us a card with a personalised message and it really makes you feel like you do a good job which is appreciated

Christmas music in the office

Music in a work place that does not usually play music is a great boost, it gets everyone talking about their favourite Christmas song and it may even result in a spontaneous sing song.

If you are sick of Christmas songs, what about….

Watching a Christmas Film

Give your staff some down time by showing a Christmas film; if you have a TV or projector it’s a way to get your office into the Christmas spirit. If you don’t fancy a Christmas film, what about Steven King’s IT (surely it stands for Information Technology)?


If you are not a lover of Christmas try to remember that lots of others are and some of the above ideas are a brilliant way of recognising staff regardless of the time of year.


Let us know your ideas for rewarding your staff this Christmas or if you have felt appreciated by something your employer has done.


Merry Christmas!



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