Are you considering a career move, but are wondering if it’s the right move as the pay will remain the same or are you considering a drop in pay? There are many valid reasons that you may consider such a move.

Why would you move jobs when there is no increase in pay?

You may want to make yourself more marketable and enhance your value. Training and additional education increase your value, both to your current employer as well as to future employers. You may have your sights set on a position that requires retraining or additional training to achieve your ultimate goal.

The opportunity may have arisen to work with someone who will be a great mentor. These relationships can often have a positive and lasting effect on your career path.

Is there talk of your company laying people off, If your department is being downsized, or you don’t perceive it as being high up on the value chain, making a  move to another department/company can increase job security.

Sometimes making a lateral move from one organisation to another can provide you with significantly better benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and employee perks.

Sometimes it’s just a feeling

You may need new challenges and to feel excited again about going to work, spend less time commuting, or free up time for family or personal passions. This new job may allow you to maintain other things aside from work that are important to you.

Whatever the reason, keep focused on the reasons you want to move, the money can come later.

Is this something you have done in the past? Or are considering now? We would love to hear your plans or how it worked out for you.

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