It’s an area sometimes overlooked, but a savvy job seeker will make sure everything lines up nicely with their social media presence and their CV.

You would perhaps be surprised by how many candidates have differing linked in profiles to their CV.  These differences are often around jobs, dates of jobs, core skills, location, and career aspirations.

So, the question is, how is your online presence?

It is really important that the two match.  You can rest assured that absolutely every potential employer or the agency handing the position, will be studying both to make sure they are aligned.

If your linked in profile states that you’re looking for a C# position and you’re applying for a PHP post – this may well cause you an issue!

Linked in is a less formal way of backing up your CV.  A friendly, professional picture, as many referrals as you can, and a list of key skills which you can weight to your preference.  All of these can have a very positive impression on potential employers.

It’s not just Linked in.  Rightly or wrongly, you can also bet that most hiring managers or HR professionals, will also check job seeker Facebook, Instagram, and twitter profiles.   This is your personal space and nothing to do with your job hunt, right?  Well that maybe the case but during your job hunt, you will be being thoroughly researched and so it’s a good idea to tidy those up too.  Check your security levels to make sure people are not poking around your profiles.  But also, make sure your FB or Instagram profile pictures represent you well.  Maybe not that one of you falling over drunk or going mad when Arsenal scored!

Once your job hunt is over, then go with whatever picture you wish, but for that month or two, there’s a very high chance you’ll be viewed across all platforms by some pretty important people to your next dream job.  So, it’s worth making sure, that as a job seeker you’re socially ready.

Happy job hunting!

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