Now I’m not saying this is us at 100% IT Recruitment, although I’m sure we are guilty from time to time, but…………..

The number 1 complaint from candidates about the IT Recruitment process, albeit through an agency or direct with the potential employer, is a lack of feedback or even acknowledgement of their application.    “I never hear back”!

Now that is extremely frustrating and a bit soul destroying when you know your great for that job.

On a side note – I can tell you, that recruiters often feel the same on the reverse side, when you either find the perfect candidate on a job board, or even an applicant but can never get hold of them.   Where do they disappear to? 


But back to you.   So, what’s going on?

Well, there seems to be a real “swipe right” mentality to candidates in their job applications.  When your average recruiter comes into work on a Wednesday morning, the first thing they do is go through the advert responses.    And there can be hundreds!   And nearly all of them are a “no”.  And the number one question is, has this person even read the spec?  The vast majority are completely unsuitable or without the “must have” qualifications or experience.    And with this volume of CVs to get through, replying to everyone is very difficult and just not a realistic.

We have automated software which will reply with a rejection, but even that’s not ideal – not very personal or constructive!


So how can you get noticed?  

Well, this is how to be successful in getting on the short list.

Firstly, go for fewer but much higher quality or a better match in your job applications.

Avoid applying for a load of positions just because the job title fits.   Take time to find the positions that you are really a good fit for, study it and only apply if you tick all the boxes.   (or at least 75% minimum – we know some jobs can have an unrealistic wish list of skills.  But you’ll know the key skills required)

The crucial bit.   As long as you are a good honest fit, and you’ve got the “3 years .net experience” required or whatever the key skills may be.  And you are local to the job or if not, clearly state in a cover letter that you will relocate or why the location is ok etc.  Then…..

Call the agency and introduce yourself.  It’s the proactive, closely matched candidates that get the jobs!!   Make sure they search out your CV and see how good you are!  This happened to me today, Carl called, and I skipped down the applicants to find his CV, saw he was a great fit and did the initial interview there and then and got his CV across to my client.

So be honest with yourself in applying.  If it’s not a great fit, or you’re over stretching your skills, then ask yourself if you’re wasting your time in applying and move on to the next that is a good fit.

But if it’s right – follow it up!!

Good luck in your job hunt!!

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